Professional Job Training Institutions:

We are a job training institute to Japan and Taiwan. The training program that we hold focuses on the ability of our students to become prospective workers who have reliable competence, so that they will make themselves ready to compete in the world of work in particular, especially to equip them in terms of their human resources to be ready to follow work contracts to Japan and Taiwan. The history of the establishment of LPK KMS is motivated by the many workers needed by overseas companies and wants to help the young generation of men and women who have the desire to work in Japan and in Taiwan. Here we will foster participants from Japanese, Mandarin, Japanese culture, Taiwanese culture, physical, mental and disciplinary guidance as well as the development of attitudes and work ethics, so that they can compete in the world of work, especially to Japan and Taiwan, which we hold. in LPK KMS which is adjusted to work preparation materials to Japan and Taiwan based on company needs, as well as books which are the main reference for the sensei / instructor. With teaching that uses an interesting learning methodology so that participants do not feel heavy and are more focused in accepting the lessons delivered by the instructors.

LPK KMS as an institution that prepares young people who are oriented to the formation of character and superior quality of Japanese and Mandarin so they do not encounter / cause problems during their working period to Japan and Taiwan. As a concrete manifestation in a professional manner and with a high commitment based on noble ideals, we optimize education and training so that we can provide the best, especially for training participants from LPK KMS. All educational activities are integrated and focused on achieving the competency of prospective participants, the readiness of language, physical, mental attitude and discipline and work responsibilities.

By providing Education facilities, such as dormitories and sports facilities are expected to be able to support the achievement of education and training targets, so that participants will be able to adapt in the new environment in Japan more quickly according to the objectives of the internship program to Japan.

With a focus on achieving the minimum standards of DILLAT, with learning and training methodologies that are tailored to the needs of workers in Japan and Taiwan so that each participant is truly ready to enter the workforce.

With a clear work training program, LPK KMS has a commitment to be able to place each student in accepting companies in Japan and in Taiwan. Apart from that, LPK KMS also opened a branch office in Taiwan and cooperated with companies in Japan specifically to find companies that needed workers from Indonesia. We also work with various agencies such as LPK which exist in several regions in Indonesia.

Program Excellence

  • Each class will be limited by the number of participants so that each participant gets optimal attention.
  • Application of competency-based curriculum.
  • Guided instructors who are experienced in their fields who have high dedication who are ready to share experiences with participants.
  • Complete and arranged programs in sequence from simple material to more complex material in the form of modules, making it easier to learn.
  • Training participants will be recruited directly by LPK KMS to take part in work programs in Japanese and Taiwanese companies.
  • Start Training the participants directly boarding, this is to support the achievement of
  • Education and Training targets, in order to succeed with a satisfactory value, so that if possible Diklat students can take the company placement test.

Work Placement Training for Japan and Taiwan

  • Japanese Language / Mandarin Language Program 3 months
  • Basic mathematics and interview techniques
  • Japanese / Mandarin conversation
  • Physical, character, attitude and mental training in culture and discipline
  • All participants are housed
  • Sports facilities
  • Direct selection with Japanese users / Taiwan users
A big, advanced and highly dedicated nation in the eyes of the world, where else if not Japan and Taiwan. A country whose territory is not wider than Indonesia, its population is far less when compared to the population of Indonesia. But the modern economy and technology in Japan and Taiwan are able to make these two countries into a large workforce accommodating from Asia including from our country Indonesia.


  • “The realization of a Job Training Institute that is at the forefront in improving the competency, quality, skills of Indonesian workers”
  • “Educate and Train to Improve the Quality of Indonesian Workers in Order to Occupy the Labor Market both at home and abroad”


  1. Realizing a quality Job Training Institute that is able to produce competent and professional workforce and has high competitiveness in the business and industrial world.
  2. Realizing the National Level Job Training Institutions that prioritizes high performance in line with the needs of the industrial and business world in serving trainees.
  3. The establishment of a synergy relationship between KMS Job Training Institutions and work partners.
  4. Educate and Train Every Individual in Finding Future Solutions.
  5. Help the Government Reduce Unemployment in Providing Reliable and Quality Human Resources.


  1. Educate and train the Indonesian workforce and workforce specifically to take part in Internships to Japan and Taiwan so that after returning home they can apply the technology, discipline and work culture gained during their internships in Japan and Taiwan.
  2. Train the workforce and provide labor according to the needs of the company or the labor market.
  3. Increasing cooperation with partners both in the national and international environment so that there is a synergy of relations and mutual needs.
  4. Open up opportunities for the community to learn more about work-based training activities at KMS job training institutions.
  5. Towards a balance between companies, job seekers and training institutions so that mutual needs will be found that are met each other.
  6. Proving to the community that the ability and seriousness of the KMS LPK, in increasing unskilled human resources and then finding a place for internships, or employment information makes the Kartika institution increasingly responsible.